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Meet the instructor

Bobby Doutskam


Graduated from Loyola Marymount University (LMU), Mr. Bobby Doustkam strongly believes in the art of being a teacher. He prides himself on strategy as his teaching style encompasses both proven bar passing strategies and his course’s philosophies.

Bobby Doustkam’s course, Open Book Bar Prep, understands that one on one instruction is the optimum way to attain (and retain) understanding and knowledge of a particular subject, which is why the course is founded on individual attention, reflecting Open Book Bar Prep’s views and beliefs.

Mr. Doustkam believes that a student’s educational background is significant and feels that a student’s past test-taking and study abilities will inevitably affect their current competence. For this reason, Bobby Doustkam thoroughly assess all students to ensure that no area of improvement or proficiency goes under the radar. Due to his experience with bar graders, Bobby Doustkam does not believe in a singular learning approach, but an individually tailored curriculum.

“Environment is another huge factor in our course’s philosophy. As teachers, we must take into account one’s surroundings” Mr. Doustkam said.
This is why Bobby Doustkam developed the Open Book’s Learning Center to create an appealing environment for every student. It’s hard for anyone to believe that people learn best by sitting in a cramped classroom with hundreds of noisy students listening to one instructor. Mr. Doustkam’s Learning Center provides students with a consistently comfortable and innovative place to study, understand and master California law concepts.



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Over the years, our commitment to excellence and passion for our students has been widely recognized.