Open Book Bar Prep | Bar Exam
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Bar Exam

Open Book Bar Prep is a very unique California Bar Exam prep course. The course is strictly based off the State Bar of California exam requirements and expectations. The fundamental philosophy is to become mindful of what the bar graders need and to speak the “bar language” through comprehensive one-on-one instruction.

Many students rack their brains attempting to memorize the law. The California Bar Exam does not test on memory retention, but on application (read more here). Bar graders want to see students apply the law on a case by case basis. This fact forms the starting point for our unique course.

At Open Book Bar Prep, we show our students how to articulate their responses in terms familiar to the bar grader. Through intricate practice and one-on-preparation, students become fluent in expressing ideas in “bar terms.”

Our course focuses on all three sections of the bar exam: Performance, MBEs and Essays. Every area of study is personally reviewed one-on-one with our teaching staff. Students also gain access to the Learning Center, which gives them a comforting place to retain ideas and concepts. The Learning Center is just one of the many perks to this first-rate course. We will not only guide you through the sometimes confusing bar questions, but he will instill the clarity necessary to pass the bar.

After taking our course, the California Bar Exam is like an open book exam. Although students do not have access to the law during the exam, they have access to the scenario. During the performance and essay portions of the exam, students are provided with facts to analyze. We teach students to approach the essays as if they were taking an Open Book exam. When a student is taking the exam it is very refreshing to recognize that all the pertinent information is at their disposal within the exam.

We show students how to organize, categorize, and apply laws and facts. The bar graders want to see students dialogue about the scenario, support their conclusions with evidence and use the law as support. By helping students master these skills, we provide you with the tools and confidence necessary to pass the bar exam.